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We are only as strong as our membership.

All MCCC employees who are members of the bargaining unit pay fair share. Payment of fair share does not constitute membership in MCCCFF. Membership dues are 1.356% of your salary ($479.80 per annum maximum).

To become a member, complete the membership form (PDF format) and send it to any Executive Committee member.

A copy of the union contract can be found on the College's Sharepoint web site under Human Resources.

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What has MCCCFF done for you already?

Full-time faculty

  • Maintained insurance coverage, including co-pays and premium sharing through 2010 - 2012 academic year

  • Secured salary increases added to base compensation for all full-time faculty

  • Secured promotion procedure with increased compensation for each promotion level

  • Secured compensation added to base salary for additional graduate degrees (beyond initial master's degree) attained while a faculty member

Part-time faculty

  • Secured partial reimbursement for medical insurance premiums for part-time faculty with private medical insurance who meet certain qualifications

  • Secured representation for part-time faculty, librarians, counselors and advisors

  • Secured increases in part-time faculty pay rates per credit hour

  • Secured senior part-time faculty designation with the following additional benefits:

    • Increased salary rates

    • Seniority course selection during scheduling

    • Improved rights against course bumping

    • Participation in pension plan with college matching contribution (employee 5% - college 5.5%)

Other Member Benefits

  • Several ongoing benefits available as a member of the AFT.

  • The right to hold a union office.

  • The right to vote for union officers.

  • The right to participate in setting union policy.

  • The right to participate in faculty contract negotiations.

  • The right to vote for ratification of faculty contracts.

  • The right to attend faculty union socials.

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